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About fast track technique

A powerful and intelligent energy healing system for self-investigation, self-development, transformation and change. Fast Track Technique offers solutions, brings clarity, promotes healing and provides immediate, permanent and positive change.

With the use of muscle testing and the specifically developed FTT Cards a conversation develops directing you to certain times in your life where shock, trauma or negativity was experienced. These experiences create blockages in your system and disrupt the flow of energy, thereby contributing to physical illness or emotional difficulties. FTT locates the root cause of an issue along with associated aspects keeping it in place and holding you back and releases them quickly and permanently and replacing them with what you want now. 


Free 20 min consultation


Find out if a FTT session is right for you? Ask questions or get help choosing a package that would work best for you and your needs.

I have attended numerous programs with Jaz through the years. Several of them were focused on money, and clearing the unconscious blocks to having the kind of abundance I was looking for. Since I began dissolving those barriers through Fast Track Technique my financial situation has continued to explode. Earnings, bonuses, unexpected windfalls, freedom from debt... you name it.


Even years later I pull out recordings from old FTT sessions and work with a particular topic periodically just to be sure I’m not running some old programs again. Jaz is fun, intuitive, frank and thorough in helping us to pull out the weeds from the root. Every dollar I have ever spent with her has come back exponentially.

—  Barbara C


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