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Fast Track Technique Testimonials & Reviews 

Learn how others have cleared their limiting beliefs and changed their negative life patterns through Fast Track Technique

I have attended numerous programs with Jaz through the years. Several of them were focused on money, and clearing the unconscious blocks to having the kind of abundance I was looking for. Since I began dissolving those barriers through Fast Track Technique my financial situation has continued to explode. Earnings, bonuses, unexpected windfalls, freedom from debt... you name it.


Even years later I pull out recordings from old FTT sessions and work with a particular topic periodically just to be sure I’m not running some old programs again. Jaz is fun, intuitive, frank and thorough in helping us to pull out the weeds from the root. Every dollar I have ever spent with her has come back exponentially.

Barbara C

Last week I had the good fortune of trying Jaz’s new Fasttrack intensive session. We did it online via zoom as I was not able to be there in person, and boy was it powerful!! After experiencing the benefits of regular Fasttrack for years I can say that I got the same benefits and more but in a more concentrated burst. The energy that came through as we worked on my issue was huge and I felt it moving through my body like a wave.


The issue we were working on is a life issue that I have been dealing with since childhood.  Afterwards I felt exhausted and went to bed early. It has now been a few days and I can say that Jaz’s unique combination of intensified Fasttrack work plus her intuition to pinpoint where we needed to concentrate and  her energy healing work as I processed the changes at the end of the session were phenomenal. Very powerful.  


I have been feeling major shifts in perspective and a change in previously automatic reactions. I would recommend this work to anyone. The bonus that the work is just as powerful in a remote online session is also a wonderful news in this time when we are all being asked to practice social distancing.  I will definitely be coming back for more.


The session with the dog was so easy and we all (the healer, the holder, the dog) enjoyed it really. 


It was a female dog who was born in greek , 2 times abandoned, wasn't able to live on the street, found and by an international union for animal protection it came to the holder in Germany. Lot of fear. Lot of forgiveness to resolve!

Here is a photo after our session.

I learned Fast Track Technique one year ago here in Bali. And it has totally changed my life! As a psychologist I was used to change taking many months--or longer-- and often much pain. With Fast Track, it is very quick to get to the underlying issues-----called Root Causes in Fast Track and release this immediately.

It goes amazingly deep and is super fast at releasing even very old blocks to our growth and success.I have found it personally and professionally life changing and recommend it to anyone looking to change anything in their life!And Jaz Goven, the founder, is such a dynamic, brilliant, fun person---it is rewarding and great fun to work with her.

I recently met Jaz Goven in an Introductory Workshop and I was Impressed by her Authenticity! How Conscious-connected She is! Her Pure Intentions! Her Beautiful and Humble Channeling! Her Lovely & Brave Soul! 

Her Simple and Wise Technique to get to our Subconscious to identify and work with blockages that we didn't even know were there - even from before we were born!

THANK YOU Jaz for your Valuable Sharing! And for Being SO Inspiring by Being Your TRUE-Self!Looking forward to meeting you again! <3 <3 <3

A few weeks ago, after attending some group events, I came down with some symptoms of COVID-19 while my area suddenly exploded into a hotspot. There were no tests available and my Dr told me not to come in or go to the hospital unless I could barely breathe as I risked getting others sick. I was terrified for myself, my family and the planet, but there was nothing I could do but wait. So I called Jaz. Jaz’s Fasttrack technique has helped me many a time through various types of issues and her ability to combine it with her own intuition and healing skills has made it an amazingly transformational modality for me.  She was able to pull out all of the stops and get me on to her schedule for an online zoom session from the safety of my home.

The session was incredible. In the space of one session I went from terror and overwhelm to feeling able to cope with what was going on, including whatever outcomes might come of it for me. I felt a peace that I hadn’t felt for months. A day or two later I began to pull out of it. I can not say if the session healed me, but I can say that there was a profound shift in my mental and emotional state before and after that one session that nothing else I had done could produce. I slept very deeply afterwards while before I was awakened with nightmares.  I felt able to deal with what was going on and take actions that I had been too stressed out to take beforehand which I know for sure supported my healing process. A second intense session a week later helped again.

If you are feeling the overwhelm, terror, grief and stress from this disease, or if you are plugged in to the grief and stress of our greater community, If you are a first responder, healthcare worker, parent or child worried about the health of your own aging parents I would highly recommend an online session on it with Jaz. It was just as powerful as any in person session I’ve ever had with a healer and it helped me immensely and immediately to regain some ability to act rather than just react. Since then I have not only gotten better but despite waves of grief and fear as this hits my community, I’ve been able to maintain enough calm to be able to give something back to my family and community in time, love and donations.

I cannot recommend an online session enough. Thank you, Jaz.

We’re happy to hire a personal trainer to work on our body and get rid of extra fat and work to shape ourselves how we want it. But, a lot of us are scared to do the same with our minds, our wellbeing. What’s amazing is that it’s possible and available. I believe that this is our journey’s purpose – to walk on this path of growth, to heal our wounds, to expand, to thrive and be able to truly be ourselves and happy, and to get rid of the patterns and programs that we have acquired from society, education, people around us that can be a heavy load to carry, that make us struggle and attract hard situations for us to heal them, that limit us in so many areas, can make us sick, and actually do not belong to us.

Jaz has released me from so much of them in an incredible caring loving interesting easy way – today I can say that thanks to our work, I really feel and discover myself, free from those burdens, thriving, strong, confident, secure, and happy. She’s also helped me heal physical conditions that have been making me sick for years – some in just a session!

Jaz’s method is an incredible and super powerful and efficient one. It combines all the healing method I’ve heard of – psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), muscle testing, reiki and energy healing, hypnosis, meditation, stone healing, and more. It’s very result oriented, goes straight to the real origin of the issue, releases it, without having to talk and loose time with the stories. I appreciate how easy it is too. Evidence of its efficiency has been immediate to me after each session. Things really shift for me. I am truly and remain truly amazed and surprised every time at how efficient it is and how incredible and amazing she is.

The best I’ve done for myself! Totally life changing in the best possible way! I’m so grateful also to have done it early in my life to be able to fully live it!


Marine – Pucket, Thailand

May 2020

I can honestly say that I used to be in a place of such darkness and depression, where I couldn’t see or move forward and I really believe that FTT opened my eyes to the light. Jaz Goven and Fast Track Technique has changed my life in ways that I could have never imagined. Fast Track Technique has changed my beliefs, be this in myself and the way I see the world, as a soul, as a human, as an artist and it’s just been an incredible profound experience.

When I attended my first fast track group session, I did find it to be uncomfortable and confrontational, because fast track hits you hard, going direct to the root of your problems, but yet at the same time I felt this sense of amazement, at how quickly the system that Jaz has created, could identify and release parts of my sub-conscious that I’d been holding onto for years and sometimes even my whole life. As someone who had a lot of fear about her life, her existence and everything that comes with it, I soon became a regular attendee of the group sessions as I had finally found something that gave me instantaneous results.

My mental health used to be unstable and I suffered from deep anxiety and with this system, I learnt that a lot of the time it’s just old negative programming coming up to be released and let go of, I am now able to sit with ‘stuff’ that comes up and allow myself to be in the discomfort. What was interesting was how much I didn’t what to let go of my old ways of being, even though I wanted change to happen, I learnt that I was the one holding on to this negative sub-conscious programming and that I had a lot of resistance to change. Once I was able to let this resistance go, I could see change happening before me, especially when I look for the evidence in my day to day, which is encouraged. I trust FTT and I know that I will only ever release what I am ready to let go of.

I have had three private sessions with Jaz and the speed in which FTT works is crazy. Our first private session was transformative, I had a deeply set fear that I wanted to hurt myself and that one day I would commit suicide, I knew this was something I didn’t want to do but I felt it so deeply and it was terrifying.  Fast track guided me to discover that I had been carrying this feeling with me from birth and that was one of the reasons why I felt so disconnected from myself and everything around me. Jaz was able to release this for me and I can honestly say that this fear has gone, LIFE CHANGING! 

My most recent session was about my fear of love and why I was pushing it away, and all I can say is WOW, I see these changes happening, I’ve stopped pushing my partner away, our relationship has transformed, I’m kinder to myself, I feel more deserving, I am more loving, I allow more love and it’s incredible.

Jaz is otherworldly and she feels like the soul teacher I was searching for, to guide me on this journey of life and create new path ways for people who are ready to move to the next stage. I often look at her as some sort of wizard with these magic powers, that has been placed here to bring more joy to the world. She’s strong, direct, fun and cares about those she works with, and I’m eternally grateful to her and Fast Track Technique. In the future, I hope to train in learning the FTT system. Thank you so much Jaz.

- Loretta

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