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The Corona Virus

Welcome to my first blog!!!

The Corona Virus is affecting us all whether we are in the country of contamination or not. The media is having a field day as usual and it is definitely affecting me and my plans for Hong Kong this month and Vietnam next month.

So, what do do? Take action and responsibility for what you can do and so yesterday I started sending love, healing and anything else that's required to transmute this virus and hype into health and wellness.

Today Fast Track decided it wanted 'in' on the action too and you can join us here on this video and  release yourself and humanity from the virus and the even more dangerous aspects coming from the corporations, establishment, marketing and so on. 

The intelligence of FTT comes direct from consciousness and never ceases to amaze me with its accuracy and simplicity.

Enjoy my first blog and contribute towards the planets wellbeing NOW!

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