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Merlin Magician and Alchemist

For many years I’ve had an on and off relationship with Merlin. He didn’t go anywhere, I guess it was me that found it difficult to believe I was ‘important’ enough be ‘magic’. Yet over the years I’ve become more aligned with magic, with miracles, with fast tracking everything for the highest good and today I experience a major HUGE interaction with Merlin which I trust will be showing itself in everything I am, everything I do and everything I am here to accomplish in and with the vibration of ‘magic’.

Let me share this with you and for you. It truly is magic and so simple, easy and fun:

Here's some advice from the perspective of Merlin's wisdom and how YOU can BE more magical:

1. Harness the Power of Intent:

Magic begins with a clear and focused intent. Before casting any spells or performing any rituals, take time to clarify your intentions. Your thoughts and desires are the foundation upon which magic is built.

2. Respect the Natural World:

Magic is intertwined with the natural world. Respect and connect with the elements, plants, animals, and the cycles of nature. Understand that everything is connected, and this connection is a source of power.

3. Study and Learn:

Magic is an ancient and intricate art. Dedicate yourself to continuous learning and exploration. Seek knowledge in various forms – from ancient texts and grimoires to the wisdom of modern practitioners.

4. Balance and Harmony:

In all magical endeavors, strive for balance and harmony. This includes balancing light and dark energies, as well as maintaining harmony within yourself and your surroundings.

5. Practice Patience:

Magic often works on its own timeline. Be patient and allow the energies to align in their own time. Rushing can disrupt the flow of magic.

6. Respect Free Will:

Use your magical abilities responsibly and ethically. Respect the free will of others and never manipulate or harm others through magic.

7. Trust Your Intuition:

Develop your intuition and inner guidance. Your instincts can often lead you to the right path in your magical journey.

8. Ritual and Symbolism:

Embrace the power of rituals and symbolism. These are tools that help focus your intent and connect with higher forces. Pay attention to the symbolism in everyday life as well.

9. Embrace Transformation:

Magic often involves personal transformation. Be prepared to undergo inner changes as you delve deeper into your magical practice. Embrace these changes as opportunities for growth.

10. Share Wisdom:

As you progress in your magical journey, consider sharing your wisdom with others who seek it earnestly. Knowledge shared is knowledge amplified.

Remember that Merlin, as a legendary figure, embodies both wisdom and mystery. His advice, as imagined here, reflects the profound and mystical aspects of magic. Ultimately, the path of magic is a personal one, and individuals may interpret and practice it in their own unique ways. Here's a Merlin-inspired affirmation for you to connect more deeply with Merlin and the magician already within you:

"I am a conduit of ancient wisdom and cosmic energies. With a pure heart and focused intent, I manifest magic in alignment with the natural order. I embrace the mysteries of the universe and trust in the power of transformation. As above, so below; as within, so without. I am one with the flow of magic, and magic flows through me."

Abracadabra – bring it on…

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