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My Miracle Week!

What an amazing week it has been for transformation and change. I can’t wait to share the miracles of this week.

Over the past months I’ve felt unduly anxious, kind of on the edge and I figured it was all about raising my consciousness, which is sometimes a bit scary even though it’s what I want.

The trouble was I felt really off balance – sometimes I’d be out there playing in consciousness footloose and fancy free and 2 days later, slap bang, wallop and I’m on the floor, feeling like crap and wondering how to get back up.

As you can imagine this made me question ‘being’ my own evidence of change, which is supposed to be positive. But then my good friend Larry started talking about Electromagnetic Frequencies which touched a ‘knowing’ inside me and I decided to investigate the possibility that these mood swings weren’t me but caused by something external. Bingo! Miracle no. 1.

Miracle no. 2 happened when I mentioned this conversation to my friend Susan who spoke about blue tint computer protection glasses. Doh! – I’d bought a pair months ago but I didn’t like the shape. I'd never used them even though they were sitting right here on my desk under my nose!

So, I popped them on ... and ... WOW! BLIMEY! WOW! FLIPPIN’ HECK! Things started to change within seconds – I kid you not! The tension and super-hot thoughts racing through me like a bullet train on fire, slowed down and peace presented itself within minutes.

I now wear my glasses a few hours a day and I'm also wearing a super-duper pendant that protects me from ‘everything’, apart from myself ... and I feel like a different person. What a relief – I'm balanced, grounded, happy for no reason and experiencing gratitude for simple things instead of trying to hold myself together.

If you resonate with any of this, then get going and protect yourself from external frequencies - EMF or not. The glasses are available everywhere and priced to suit any budget. My pendant was not cheap but there are heaps of choices online.

I can’t tell you what a miracle this is and the difference it has made to my sleeping, my thinking and my relationship with myself. I no longer feel like a fraud and I'm able to maintain the high levels of consciousness and expansion and ‘BE’ my own evidence - more than before.

I'm happy to chat with anyone who wants help around this topic.

Loads of love and have an expansive week seeing through new eyes.

Jaz with happy eyes 🤩

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