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Fast Track Technique has its own unique intelligence. So, if you resonate with fast, permanent, easy and fun this training is for you.

In this one day training you will learn to:

  • Access your subconscious programming using muscle testing.

  • How to use the specially developed FTT cards to identify and release mental, emotional and physical blocks, being stored in your subconscious. Plus limiting beliefs, negative behaviour patterns and programs that are no longer useful.

  • How to reprogram your subconscious with what You want and get in the driver’s seat of your own life.

FTT Level 1 Training is available in groups or one on one in person or online, so get in touch and schedule a training.

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In this one day training you will learn to:

  • Go deeper into the FTT system and learn about Set Points and how to discover underlying reasons for holding onto issues and ‘why’ some people can’t change.

  • Learn to muscle test others and practice how to access their subconscious programing to release blockages, imbalances, programs and negative behaviour patterns - safely and permanently.

  • How to be ‘proxy’ for another person who cannot be present for a session.

  • How to use another person to be ‘surrogate’ for someone who cannot be present for the session or cannot be muscles tested.

  • How to reprogram another person with their Desired Outcome and to further clear their subconscious programing at the same time.


This life changing one day training prepares you to start working with family, friends, animals and many other situations including groups.



A thorough knowledge of the content of Fast Track Technique manuals Level 1 and 2 is required for Level 3. This training is not an automatic certification and is only offered to those already using Fast Track Technique on a regular basis who want to go to the next level and become a FTT Professional Practitioner.

One this one day training you will:

  • Receive 5 additional FTT Cards supported by powerful Activations. 

  • You will be aligned to the energy, intention and purpose of each card to further expand intuition, boost your FTT confidence, and access more information for yourself and clients from consciousness/higher self/your guides and all that is available to you.

  • This training is a game changer and only dedicated Fast Trackers should apply to join.

It will be required that participants give short FTT demonstrations of the following:

  • Practitioner Demonstration – one on one

  • Practitioner Demonstration – Surrogate

  • Practitioner Demonstration – Proxy

  • Practitioner Demonstration – Reprogramming



A thorough working knowledge of Fast Track Technique Level 1, 2 and 3 is required along with the desire to go further and train others in Fast Track Technique.

This one day training is offered only to those already using Fast Track Technique as a professional on a regular basis and is by invitation only. This invitation will come from your own FTT Trainer or Jaz Goven the founder of Fast Track Technique.  

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