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Fast Track Technique 4KIDZ

We live in a stressful world; there are pressures everywhere to be more, do more, accomplish more. We are products of that and, of course, our children, your children are also products of that no matter how much you love them and try to protect them. A child’s negative behavior or withdrawal is often a manifestation of emotional issues or subconscious thoughts and feelings.

FTT4KIDZ is a simple yet powerful system that allows your child to release negative responses, blockages and emotions from their subconscious and enables them to connect with their feelings through pictures and express themselves as never before.

FTT4KIDZ has the power to completely change how your child relates to their experience of the world and increases your ability to guide them to their highest, happiest potential.

In FTT4KIDZ you help a child unravel a problem as they go on their own journey with ‘U’ (our special loveable character) and the FTT4KIDZ cards.


Working and playing with your child and the FTT4KIDZ system empowers the child to understand, resolve and release the feelings that are causing the negative behavior or withdrawal. It can also help the adult to have a better understanding of how this came into being. This increased understanding of a child’s behaviour is immensely healing for parent and child alike and affects the family as a whole.

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