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Attaman – from Aggressive to tranquil

Attaaman was a 4-year-old beautiful horse jumper who became aggressive when he was transported from Australia to Kuala Lumpur.  His aggression was so bad that he had to be tied up in his stall to enable the vet to treat him.  In the first short session I used a surrogate for Attaman since we were all too scared to touch him and I don’t think he would allow that anyway.  As we did the release the surrogate felt massive surges of electricity run though her body and Attaman calmed down.  On the second visit we were able to actually touch and pet Attaman and his eyes changed from crazed and terrified to deep and soulful.  These 2 short session took no more than 45 minutes in total.  The staff were amazed and the vet could not believe his eyes.

Daeng From Terrified to Cautious

Daeng was a street dog who underwent horrific abuse. We would soon discover that her emotional trauma would not heal. She barked at anyone who came remotely close to her and never came out of her designated corner of Elephant Nature Park's downstairs office. We couldn't even get close to her to remove a tick that was just under her eye, clip her overgrown nails or even pet her. We loved her just the same. We left on vacation in Indonesia for a month and heard reports from others in the office that "Daeng is a new dog" and "I can get close to her now". We were so excited to come home and see for ourselves. We walked in and were able to sit right next to her on her sofa. She had MUCH less anxiety and apprehension and during our visit many people came into the office and she didn't bark at any of them. Her stress was visibly less. She was still observant but acted more cautious than the terrified Daeng we had left only a short month before. Thank you FTT!

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