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For Transformation & Change

Clear away limiting beliefs and negative behaviour patterns. Start living the life you choose.

About Fast Track Technique

A powerful and intelligent energy healing system for self-investigation, self-development, transformation and change. Fast Track Technique offers solutions, brings clarity, promotes healing and provides immediate, permanent and positive change.

With the use of muscle testing and the specifically developed FTT Cards a conversation develops directing you to certain times in your life where shock, trauma or negativity was experienced. These experiences create blockages in your system and disrupt the flow of energy, thereby contributing to physical illness or emotional difficulties. FTT locates the root cause of an issue along with associated aspects keeping it in place and holding you back and releases them quickly and permanently and replacing them with what you want now. 

Free Consultation / Discovery Call


1. Schedule Your Call

Use our online booking system to choose a convenient time for your free consultation. Fill out a brief form to help us understand your needs and goals.

2. Meet Your Coach

Engage in a 20-minute conversation with a certified Fast Track Technique practitioner. Discuss your challenges, experiences, and what you hope to achieve.

3. Personalized Action Plan

Receive a tailored action plan based on your consultation. Understand the next steps to take and how FTT can help you achieve permanent, and positive results. 

Angela E

Wow my session with Ms. Jaz was out of this world. I really didn't know what to expect. I just remember during the session, I kept asking myself how does she know these things about me?! We went all the way back to a childhood experience. Something that I had forgotten even happened and she helped me unravel a knot that had kept me stuck for many years. Little did I know that the momentum had built up from that session and the results would truly be lasting. I met Ms. Jaz with money issues and concerns that worried me for years. And let me tell you, my session was only a few months ago and today, I no longer have money problems. I left that session with a peace a mind that would be the remedy for not just my money concerns but answers for issues in other areas of my life. I am truly bless in life now and I am truly grateful for Ms. Jaz. Thank you.
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