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A Personal Journey Of Transformation

Join a private members only group to explore and release what is standing in the way of the life you want. The life you deserve!

Interactive workshops on a wide array of transformative topics such as;

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Money

  • Ageing

  • Self Esteem

  • Living your life purpose

  • Trapped emotions

And much, much more.

Be a part of powerful Fast Track Technique Healing Release’s conducted by founder Jaz Goven.

Enjoy being part of a supportive community of others on their Personal Journey.

Membership Benefits


  • A private members only group with Jaz Goven the founder of Fast Track Technique

  • 2 interactive webinars each and every month on a variety of life changing topics​

  • Supporting content with additional healing releases

  • Community discussions

  • Group Support 

  • A group to help you on your personal journey of transformation

  • The 1st month is FREE for new members

Join now

       1st Month FREE then just $30 a month - cancel at any time.            

Existing Members Register Now

You will be directed to the Facebook link to request to join upon payment completion

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