Testimonial – Jassica Leow

This is a letter from one of my practitioners from our Kuala Lumpur tour.

Dear Jaz ,

I just want to say, again, I really love your work , I really love FTT. And I mean it genuinely from my heart , I am not saying it for any other reason other than how I truly found FTT to be absolutely remarkable and amazing .

I just did a release on my tiredness, something which I found to be recurring. I thought I would check in to see If there is any imbalance, no harm anyway, I just wanted to check in. And by golly Jaz, it’s absolutely incredible .

With all the extra information you have given us in our last session, the relevant ones just popped up into my head and I found myself doing releasing on karmic issues and forgiveness and etc. Today for the first time, I felt that the cards caught my attention and I’m able to point out what the issue is almost right away and release the issue right away. And my sway tests are becoming better and better.

And thanks to you. Really. And your confidence and compassion with me the very first time we met .

I felt lighter right away after the release. And I felt much more energized.
Love your work Jaz.  You’re a God sent .

Can’t wait for our next session .

Jassica Leow

Level 1 Practitioner

Kuala Lumpur

15th April 2015

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