Testimonial by Amy Lou

Testimonial – Amy Lou

Testimonial by Amy Lou

Testimonial by Amy Lou (from A Woman’s Words)

I first met Jaz Goven around March last year, on a day when I was feeling very low. I believe I must have had a huge ”help me” sign written on my forehead that day. Jaz appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and told me that her system ‘Fast Track’, could indeed ‘help me.’

My Fast Track Experiences.

Shortly afterwards I signed up to the Fast Track practitioner Level 1 class. At this point I was barely spiritual or ‘awake’ so you could call that day long session my spiritual ‘awakening’. It was the first time I truly felt something outside of myself and KNEW there was more to me than just ‘me’. (I believed this before, but now I felt its truth.) There were three other lovely ladies besides Jaz to help me through it. Well, we all helped each other, and we were all crying at times. For ourselves and for each other. It was a wonderful day, and it completely knocked me out! I mean, I couldn’t function at all for the next 2 days!

I find it hard to define the benefits of Fast Track, but I have found that tapping into ones subconscious opens the door for multiple things to come flooding out. This could be something small like getting irritated at shoe shopping when aged 4, to something much bigger like dealing with the emotional effects of the abuse of someone close to you. Fast Track brings these issues to the forefront and allows them to be released into nothingness. If they are not serving you and your life in the highest potential, then get rid of them!

Recently a lot has been coming up for me about not living inside my own body. This has been going on for so many years that I didn’t even know. Through Fast Track I have discovered that I am connected to my family living on another planet, and being in my own body here on earth means that I feel disconnected from them. This may seem a little far fetched to some, but I can now mentally ‘put myself in my body’, when I feel myself drifting. This happens when a potentially hurtful or difficult situation comes up, I feel myself literally flying to get away from it. Facing it is just too painful! But to live and thrive in the world, this is what I must do.

Amy Lou's Fast Track Pyramid

Amy Lou’s Fast Track Pyramid


Infinite, Endless, Limitless Money, Wealth and Abundance: Yes Please!

I joined the first Infinite Money Program and was delighted with what came up. The collective consciousness views making, keeping and spending money as difficult and hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. I dealt with and released negativity surrounding guilt about receiving money, feeling unworthy of having money, that there is not enough money for everyone (absolutely ridiculous- money is as infinite as everything else!). People harbour so much negativity around wealth: jealousy and resentment, being taken for granted, resistance in asking for money. This program released for me many layers surrounding these emotions and allowed my mindset to change.

The second Infinite Money Program: Wealth, Abundance, Money and You, was out of this world- literally. From blaming each other, God, governments and whatever else, to karmic entanglements still with us from past lives or even other planets. This manifested in my life in several ways: my habit of losing, breaking or ‘getting stolen’ my valuable items led to my fear of buying expensive technology at all, and my ‘not in my body’ situation led to feeling that I do not belong in this money-orientated world: which is why I am always going for low-paid jobs.

While these programs led to shifts in my life and changes in my mindset, the Physical Money: The Big Picture Program is where I will come into my own. This is the moment when I am willing and able to work hard, think big, and allow money to flow into my life. Already half of my small desired outcome has come to me: 2 days after the program began I received into my bank account a debt that was owed to me, plus an extra £2000!

I am so excited to see what else this fascinating course has to offer, and what my Fast Track life ahead of me will bring.



Amy Lou Martin

Level 1 Practitioner

UK & Thailand

26th January 2016

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  1. Amy

    What a wonderful testimonial – thanks so much.

    I also remember that day and thinking “yes, but I bet she doesn’t come back”. I’ve not thought to share that with you before. Anyhow, you did come back – several times and each time I see you I see more of you than before.

    You are a Fast Track Angel and a delight in my life.

    Jaz xxx

  2. Dear Amy Lou,

    Thank you for your inspiring story.
    There are many people in these challenging times that feel a little bit (or a lot…LOL!) out of place, and often this stems from subtle energy fields that our conscious mind can not perceive or solve.

    I’m a personal development junkie, and just embarking on my first experiences with Fast Track, and you have described the journey so well. For someone who hasn’t experienced Fast Track it can be hard to understand the process. I myself could not believe how much subconscious mental conditioning was still left for me to release.

    Amazing program. Highly recommended for everyone, and again thank you for sharing your story. You are awesome!

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