Surrogate Healing for Daeng the dog

Surrogate Healing for Daeng the Dog – From Terrified to Cautious

Daeng was a street dog who underwent horrific abuse. She was found in a garbage can having been beaten so badly that the two men who hit her with bats thought she was dead. After being rescued she was immediately taken to the vet to discover that while most of her physical wounds would heal, one of her front legs had been beaten so badly that it the bone was nothing more than powder and would have to be amputated. We would soon discover that her emotional trauma would not heal. She barked at anyone who came remotely close to her and never came out of her designated corner of Elephant Nature Park’s downstairs office. We couldn’t even get close to her to remove a tick that was just under her eye, clip her overgrown nails or even pet her. We loved her just the same.

Jaz, using a picture of Daeng, began working with her. We left on vacation in Indonesia for a month and heard reports from others in the office that “Daeng is a new dog” and “I can get close to her now”. We were so excited to come home and see for ourselves. We walked in and were able to sit right next to her on her sofa. She had MUCH less anxiety and apprehension and during our visit many people came into the office and she didn’t bark at any of them. Her stress was visibly less. She was still observant but acted more cautious than the terrified Daeng we had left only a short month before.

As Jaz continued to do Fast Track on Daeng she kept improving. We began feeding her by hand, something we wouldn’t dream of doing before. She ate right off our hands and even gave us a little doggy kiss afterward. She also leaves her area now and enjoys resting in the morning sun in the doorway and walking more around the office.

We are so grateful to Jaz for the amazing work she has done on Daeng. She truly is a much happier dog who is able to accept the love that so many people have for her.



Surrogate Healing for a dog

Surrogate Healing for a dog




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