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Since being introduced to Fast Track my life has been changing but my body shape and weight have just stayed the same. I do not binge on food and I am very aware of what I eat, however I do hate exercise. I then joined the Fast Track Rejuvenation program and I have been a really hard case. As an holistic therapist I have done a lot of work on myself and my first couple of sessions I was not moving either in weight or losing inches and my heart burn was increasing and I thought well this is not going to work.

Working closely with Jaz she was determined that things were going to change and with my heartburn increasing daily even just drinking a glass of water Jaz decided we needed to get to the real root cause. On my third session we went really deep and hit the core issue. Since that last session I have lost and inch off my hips and an inch and a half off my bust and I am swimming every day.

Finally Jaz introduced me to another part of the Rejuvenation Program called NewGen. This is a SuperFood Plus Supplement and combining NewGen with the Rejuvenation Program I am getting more than my 7 fruit and veg per day and it is only 44 calories per sachet with lots of other goodies included in this super tasting drink. With this complete Fast Track Rejuvenation Program I am feeling younger, having more energy and feeling healthier and the heartburn is gone. I cannot thank Jaz and NewGen enough for this Rejuvenation Program.


Colette Garside 13.10.14

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