Fast Track Working with Dogs

Jaz worked with me as the surrogate for my dog Buster whom has had a cataract operation on his eyes. His right eye was a success but he lost the sight in his left eye. This has upset not only myself with feelings of guilt but my husband as well. I had decided that I was not taking this lying down and that Buster would get at least some vision back in his eye.

As a colour practitioner I had been using colour and energy work on his left eye. Jaz then came to stay and we did two clearing sessions for him. After the second session we were convinced that the milky aspect of the eye was beginning to clear. A week later I have to take him back to hospital for his check up and yes his eye reacted to light and the vet was amazed as he wanted to remove the eye completely. Watch this space as Jaz and I do more work with Buster we will get him seeing again.

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