Fast Track Training – Louise Thomas

Jaz is a truly amazing and inspiring, caring teacher, a natural intuitive who has tapped into her higher self and consciousness to bring forth her life transforming Fast Track technique. I would highly recommend this new and exciting healing modality for anyone that wishes to heal the pain and blockages of the past and to move forward towards their true life purpose. Jaz has personally helped me to move forward with the Fast track technique, accurately pinpointed my emotional blockages , clearing them and with the help of the divine helping me to be steered towards my true life purpose. Clearing the past and working through our challenges is fundamental in our own growth and by understanding and acknowledging this we can be of service to others which is what it’s all truly about. I have now studied the level one so I can work on myself and have attended Jaz’s sharing circle which was a real pleasure to meet and share with other like minded souls.


Louise Thomas January 2015 (Louise is a Soul Plan Practitioner with The Holistic Healing College in London)

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