Fast Track Technique Level 1 Training

Personal Transformation

A one day certified Training

Welcome and thank you for your interest in learning Fast Track Technique.

What is Fast Track Technique?

Fast Track Technique (FTT) is an integrated therapy approach that deals directly with your subconscious programing to effect self-realization and change and puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life.

FTT integrates the very best of other modalities including Neuro Linguistic Programing, Muscle Testing, Visualization to identify and release blockages and imbalances from your system.  These blockages, if left unchecked, can create physical illness, emotional difficulties and interfere with our ability to recognize and reach our full potential.

This unique system revolves around specially developed FTT Cards which represent issues recorded in your subconscious which you may or may not be aware of but are remember vividly by your subconscious in the energy of how they happened and are vibrating 24/7 - even when you are asleep!

FTT has been proven effective for depression, anxiety, addiction, psychosomatic pain, weight loss, family issues, insomnia, creativity, confidence, addictions, obsessive thinking and more. Fast Track Technique has proven effective helping children as well as animals. Given the unique nature of this technique, it often goes where other therapies cannot!

Fast Track Technique Level 1 – Personal Transformation
a one day Certified Training

Fast Track Technique trains you quickly and easily to access both your higher conscious and subconscious programing and get answers connected to your issues and why you have them - every time. After the training even the novice will be able to apply the Fast Track System

and get in the driver’s seat of your own life!

On this one day Certified Training your will learn:

To access you own subconscious programing using muscle testing and the specially developed FTT cards and release, blockage, limiting beliefs, negative behaviour patterns and programs easily and permanently.

You will discover that many of these programs are not your own but are inherited or absorbed from parents, family members and others. Once discovered they are easy to release both for yourself and others if appropriate

You will learn about decisions you made in your early years that are still running your life today and release what no longer works for you.

You can discover if Karmic events, situations, debts, vows or promises are holding you back from your true purpose and release yourself from that changing karma in that lifetime and this one too!

You will learn to reprogram your subconscious with what you consciously want and deserve.

Included in the training:

  • Personal set of Fast Track Technique Transformation Cards
  • Level 1 Fast Track Manual
  • Numbered Certificate of  Completion
  • Inclusion into the Fast Track Family and ongoing support where required

Fast Track Technique has its own unique intelligence so if you resonate with fast, permanent and fun training could be for you.

FTT Level 1 Training is available in groups or one on one if your so excited and want to get started right away.

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There are no specific requirements for people to attend and participate in a FTT Level 1 Personal Transformation Training apart from, a reasonable degree of fluency in the language of the trainer/training.