How does FTT work?

Fast Track Technique is a unique system which allows access to both higher consciousness and your subconscious mind while involving and respecting your conscious mind. This allows you or your Fast Track Practitioner to locate and release the root cause or causes of an issue, along with other associated aspects. These aspects may be your own, absorbed from others, inherited from a parent or even a past life karmic event or situation.

With the use of muscle testing and specially developed transformation cards, a conversation develops, directing you to specific events, situations or areas of your life where shock, trauma or negativity was experienced and is still remembered in your subconscious in the vibration of how it was experienced at the time.

These negative experiences create blockages in your system; disrupt the normal flow of energy, thereby contributing to physical illness and emotional difficulties. These blockages also inhibit your ability to reach your full potential and can sabotage efforts in many areas of your life.

After releasing the required blockages, Fast Track then reprograms you with qualities of your choice and how you prefer to ‘be’ and ‘feel’.  This takes the form of a Desired Outcome or Affirmation which is transmitted to your subconscious easily and effortlessly by a simple reprograming protocol.