How does a FTT Session Work?

A Fast Track Technique session begins by honing in on what you wish to achieve in life now. By focusing on the positive outcome as opposed to negative issues, there is no need for a client to describe painful or upsetting situations which created the imbalance.  Once the positive “big picture” is defined, Fast Track Technique then brings this vision into reality. 

Fast Track Technique connects the super conscious with the conscious and subconscious minds to open up and align communication between past, present and future.  It uses muscle testing to locate the root of an issue and magnets, crystals or special FTT releasing tools to remove trapped emotions and blockages. It also helps to reconsider existing beliefs by tapping into the nervous system releasing old ways of thinking and being.

By recognising and confirming what you would like to be experiencing in life, as well as removing negative emotions, resonances, triggers and beliefs which do not support your new life picture, Fast Track Technique provides immediate access to the life you have dreamed of. 

Moreover, to ensure that you the client hold the keys to your own transformational journey and can continue to benefit from your session, a FTT practitioner will also explain and train you how to safely and effectively use Fast Track Technique Reprograming at home.

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