What is FTT4KIDZ?

FTT4KIDZ is an amazing system that helps parents to help their children grow into happy, confident people. It takes only two or three minutes a day to instill a positive and profound change in your child.

Combining play therapy and Fast Track Technique, FTT4KIDZ is a unique approach goes into your child’s subconscious programming to identify any blockages and release them quickly, safely and efficiently. You and your child navigate their experience using a character called Ikigai in a journey through a set of specially developed FTT4KIDZ cards. Throughout the process, you can access how your child ‘feels’ and understand their situation better. Conversely, your child will learn how to help themselves through the choices that they make, and how they want to feel.

What can it treat?

FTT4KIDZ can be helpful in treating many childhood issues, including fear of the dark, shyness, aggression, school performance, anxiety, eating problems ADHD or Autism. Perhaps your child’s behavior is difficult and you cannot work out why. FTT4KIDZ helps you to identify any issues and release them.

FTT4KIDZ is recommended for all children up to the age of 9, whether it is used to address an issue, or simply to empower. We believe that every child can benefit from it.

How can I learn FFT4KIDZ?

You can learn how to use this simple, yet life-changing system from a certified FTT4KIDZ practitioner. We encourage you to bring your child to the session.


FTT4KIDZ – Niall’s journey with Ikigai from ‘worried’ to safe and happy


For more information contact Jaz Goven
jaz@fasttracktechnique.com || + 66 81 8627146