why diets don't work

Why Diets Don’t Work – End Emotional Eating Now

Diets Don’t Work

Diets don’t work because all you do is focus on food.  How much you can and can’t have, what’s good or bad for you… and when you screw up, you either try to rebalance the situation or use it as an excuse to give up and start again “next week” or “after the weekend” or some other scenario.  Either way, diets don’t work because when we’re on one, we feel deprived and we fall off it and do not achieve our goal.

How often have you heard yourself complaining?

“I don’t want this fat.”

“I don’t want this big stomach.”

“It’s not fair.”

“I hate my flabby thighs.”

Did that ever help you create the body you do want?

The point is, the more you focus on the don’t-want, the more of them you create.  There is constant conflict within which gets you nowhere – apart from feeling helpless, hopeless, more depressed and probably makes you eat more to make yourself *feel* better.

However, when you put your attention on what you do want, that is what you experience and is what you get.  Fast Track Technique is the ultimate technique for ending emotional eating, getting what you want and assisting weight loss. It helps to quickly get to the core of why you overeat or are overweight effectively and efficiently.

We use body-weight for many reasons, such as to protect ourselves from being noticed and also to get noticed.  We use food to tranquilize uncomfortable feelings and comfort ourselves.  Fast Track Technique gets to the root cause of your eating and weight issues, by accessing the sub-conscious mind and releasing the why, when and who of what is creating your particular issue.

Achieve your goal weight; Fast Track your way to freedom and end emotional eating now!


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