Testimonial – Vayia

EFT-Well what can I say! EFT is one of the most powerful healing therapies I have come across. I am sure some of the credit from this statement is due to working with the intuitive, guided Jaz.

I finally found Jaz when I was at a desperate low of trying to accept that I would be overweight for the rest of my life, I thought I had tried everything. Doing EFT with Jaz, was the best gift I could give myself at the time. EFT has released negative thought patterns that I held about myself, combined with ECT (the emotional coding technique) which has released trapped emotions I held in my body, the sessions have left me feeling light, free and lovable not to mention I have dropped a kilo a week!

Finding Jaz is like finding a gem. Thanks so much Jaz, not only for the incredible sessions but also for teaching me how to use EFT myself.

Much Love Vayia

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