Testimonial – Sara Wall

I have used EFT before and have full belief in its transformative powers. However; since I haven’t tapped for some time, I felt that I needed an experienced practitioner to assist me. I found just such a person in Jaz Goven. With her positive energy and intuitive nature, I had an incredible and powerful session.

I appreciate Jaz’s ability to sense the places where I have been getting stuck in my own fears; my fear of failure, of being vulnerable, of owning up to my own brilliance. Jaz helped me release these fears and reach towards creating the truly amazing life that I know I can lead.

Her guidance in tapping helped me quickly and easily access my emotions and release some deep held beliefs that have been holding me back.Since our session a week ago, I have been on fire, creating my website and new on-line business and setting the foundation to continue following my life’s passion in a healthy and sustainable way.

Jaz, thank you for your love, support and assistance in this process.

Sara Wall


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