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You are amazing!!

And, now because of you, amazing things are starting to happen to me!!

Looks like my partner and I may be moving into the home of our dreams!! Incredible. In a duplex condo with a pool, sauna, and fitness center in a corner unit that looks out to nothing but lush greenery! It’s not yet completely confirmed but it does look like we’ll probably sign a contract within 2 weeks.

And, this weekend, a huge, amazing freelance job came in for me that will likely allow my partner and I to travel for 6-8 weeks later in the year. But on this one, it’s not just the money, it’s that I’ve met a very, very special individual with one of the most enormous hearts imaginable. Not many people are as tenderhearted and compassionate as this guy. I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have him walk into my life.

I’m sending out to you a huge, huge bear hug and oodles of positive energy for the realization of all of your dreams!!



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