Testimonial – Peter Gill

Testimonial Marijuana Attachment

“I’d never heard about EFT until my gf introduced me to it, at first I was sceptical but it soon became apparent how beneficial the sessions with Jaz were. I was trying to deal with a long running attachment to smoking marijuana and the situation nearly ended my relationship with the most precious person in my life. Talking to Jaz and tapping almost every day made me look at my life from a completely different perspective. Something that I had thought would be incredibly difficult to do actually became much easier. I’m so happy to be me right now and determined not to fall back into bad old habits. I know I’m a much better person and am able to project myself in a way I was unable to do before I started the EFT sessions with Jaz. I feel enlightened to say the least. Many thanks and much love Jaz x”

Pete Gill

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