Testimonial – Mira Hegyesi & Dave Lee

Learning FTT from the creator of the technique herself is a true honor. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to gain such a powerful tool which not only can I help myself with, but others in need too. I’m very excited to see the outcome.

Mira Hegyesi

Mira Hegyesi & Dave Lee

Mira Hegyesi & Dave Lee

Learning FTT with Jaz was truly a great experience for me. Jaz is a wonderful instructor who guides you through the learning process in a way that is caring, practical, easy to follow and leaves you feeling totally confident about being able to use the technique independently. I left the training session feeling empowered, excited and enthusiastic about using this new tool  to help others and myself with such a wide range of issues, problems and situations.

Dave Lee

Dave  Lee and Mira Hegyesi, FTT Training. Chiang Mai November 2, 2012

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