Testimonial – Margo

EFT TESTIMONIAL – Weight Loss and Loving Your Body

Well,I’m an affirmed tapper! 🙂 its going swimmingly.. each day, im crying cos of my phone.. so i tap on that.. underlying is frustration and anger and ‘poor me’.. so i tap on that to.  and my body.. i just did a tap of my body.. i got to the point, where i was tapping and i had no words to go with it! i ran out of ‘self hatred comments!’ also, with that tap (and last nite) as the words run out, i get an ’emotional wave’ – it passes thru, feet first… makes me feel on the edge of crying, but then it goes.. so yes. i can FEEL these things leaving me!

also, to note.. I’m amazing myself at the gym.. i cant recall being this strong.. im almost the talk of the gym! like.. its OUT there! freaking awesome! i keep getting stronger and stronger (like the good good old days), its like iv had a strength injection.  wel… I can notice it fo sho! and i LOVE it! and , presently, im not nervous about going to china with this body of mine! 😮

Thanks again
I’m SO SO SO happy i saw u!

Margo xx

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