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Jade’s Yes Yes Yes Yes card… release that resistance!

Jade’s experiences with the Fast Track 21 Days to Love program:

21 Days to Love, Loving and Being Loved!

I started this program because I was really unhappy in my relationship and suffering from severe anxiety. I came in thinking that it would make me a more patient, better girlfriend.

However, things took an unexpected turn. I  realised that I could no longer stand to be with someone who was emotionally manipulative, and who I no longer loved. It was quite a turbulent relationship so we often broke up and got back together. But this time around, it was different. Certain things happened so that a reunion was impossible.

One day I was feeling really low, and I asked the Universe for help. I asked for evidence because I was losing faith, and ended up meeting a really nice guy – which gave me the confidence I needed to move on. This was also my first relationship where I had the strength / the guts to walk away when I realised that although I was happy, he wasn’t the one for me.

It has completely changed the way I view relationships.



Level 3 Practitioner

4th February 2016


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  1. HI Jade
    What you experienced is what I love most about FTT – i.e. it goes where it needs to go rather than where we ‘think’ it should go. The intelligence of this system blows me away constantly and I know you are discovering the same as you strt to work with your own clients.

    Keep looking for the evidence and it will pop up for sure – and – in some surprising ways.

    Loads of love and success

    Jaz xxx

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