Testimonial – Brian

Hi Jaz,

This morning I went for brunch with Giow and I again started feeling pain in my hip / buttocks / knee.

**  I have been having this on and off for 2 months

When we came back, we used emotion code and found out I had (62) absorbed emotions of anger from Giow. We released them and then my pain was gone.

After this we did releasing anger EFT with Brad Yates and also the new one Brad has done on Your Crazy Family.

I then decided to go back and ask about my injured left shoulder.  At that age again when I was (5 years old) , I had (4,500) trapped emotions of Anxiety which were  successfully released.

I feel that I have now cleared a lot of layers and with using Emotion Code and EFT will be able to fully heal my left shoulder.

Thank you Jaz for your fabulous work.

All the best,

Brian – June 30th 2011

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