Launching Fast Track Technique Level 2

Wow! Amazing a so easy

Wow! Amazing and so easy

Congratulation Ravina for being the first to complete Fast Track Level 2 in Bangkok just a few days ago.
Being the first person to  certify in Level 1, it made sense and way a joy when you committed to be number 1 for Level 2.

Level 2, includes a refresher of Level One, helping you to get over any fears around muscle testing, learning and practicing new aspects of FTT that have come about over the past 12 months along with learning how to facilitate complete body clearings whilst client is in Crossover mode. This can be done on oneself or by proxy and takes your intuition to new heights of awareness Along with this up-grade in Crossover we now also release limiting beliefs held in the system which create realities which block progress and self acceptance.

Level 2 is super powerful, takes just a little confidence and enhances Level 1 and other modalities already being used.

Ravina totally ‘got it’ enjoyed the process as did her guinea pig Niru. Now to make the manual!

Interested how to accomplish more with Fast Track?  Watch this space for dates or treat yourself to a private training.

See you on the Fast Track

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