Insecure with people

Feeling insecure with people, whether it be family, friends or colleagues in your workplace is a common problem for many people.

Enormous social pressures forced upon us to participate, engage, contribute and be seen to be part of society, family life or work environment can be daunting to a person who feels insecure with people. Insecure people struggle to leave the security of what they feel comfortable with and  that is rarely very far from the pattern of lifestyle they have maintained for many years.

Often insecure people look at their friends, colleagues or even family members as being more confident than themselves and they feel left behind, isolated or even excluded.

I regularly receive calls & email from men & women asking for my help to overcome their insecurity. I am very happy to say that following a consultation and recommended actions, they tell me with some confidence they feel more comfortable about their relationships and their interactions with other people.

Fast Track Technique is one way to bring about the necessary changes for a person debilitated by insecurity, awakening confidence & banishing the feelings of holding back and not moving forward.

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  1. Im insecure..anylize myself and my partner all the time.. i avoid situations i don’t feel comfortable in.. im paranoid.. i magnify an dwell on things i feel self concious.. i doubt myself..i critizise myself… all the faults i find in myself i find in my partner.. i constantly worry what other people think..

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