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I started working with energy about 12 years ago; initially to help myself and then others as my curiosity in behaviour patterns and healing grew.
In my early years I focused predominantly on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is a powerful ‘tapping’ tool which has helped millions of people help themselves deal with mental, emotional and physical issues on a day to day basis. During one of my EFT trainings it was suggested that we should ‘specialize’ fine a niche market rather than be a jack of all trades. This sounded like a plan and I set about helping people with weight and emotional eating issues. I had been fascinated with this for years and also had a good deal of experience in this multi faceted issue and seemed to have a talent and understanding around the importance of feeling good in your own skin.

I’m happy to say I had a great deal of success over the years helping many men, women and children to achieve their goal weight whilst clearing up their lives at the same time. I created programmes and plans and was considered a bit of an expert in that field. However, I noticed I was also attracting a myriad of other issues, huge ones, some of which I didn’t fully understand……. So when I thought about my ‘niche’ market I seemed to be specializing in “big emotional issues” which also included weight. Hmm… curious!!!

This remained a thought for a few years until I recognised it wasn’t the size of issue I was attracting, but a particular type of person and how they responded to their life issues. The common denominator in all this was that each and every one of my clients was ‘super sensitive’ and found it difficult to cope in the world. They developed coping strategies that kept them safe but then got them stuck and had conflicts and fear around change.

In other words, I kept finding myself and who I had been. It didn’t matter how the issue was dressed up i.e. addiction, emotional eating, fear of success, lack of confidence or low self esteem, what I discovered was we were all trying to be someone we weren’t and were never meant to be. It is hard to be super sensitive sometimes but with help and a little self acceptance the sheer power of who you are soon starts to emerge, your creativity blossoms and finally you are ‘comfortable’ in your own body. The world can still be a challenging place but once you see who you are and stop trying to be what you thought you should be then life starts to work for you.

It is with great respect, understanding and compassion I am now able to help my clients find themselves, their personal power and purpose while unraveling that ball of string that prevents them from being who they are.

If you feel a tear in your eye, a lump in your throat or a contraction in your belly then you know you are a super sensitive and have found a way home.

Fast Track Technique supports your journey home by efficiently and effectively releasing trapped emotions, doubts and fears held in the body which you didn’t know what to do with and which just created more of the same. Fast Track Technique also reprograms your sub-conscious mind with who you want to be now!

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  1. Great video and I love your work and this new website! Congratulations on developing FTT. It is very encouraging to see you thriving. Blessings and best wishes to you and all your projects.

    • Thank you Edyta.
      Yes! I’ve come a long way since our ‘tapping times’ together in Bangkok and I’m sure there is a lot more in store for Fast Track and me. Good to see you are also finding your way and I’m happy to be a part of whatever you do

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