Celebrate Fast Track Technique First Year!


As 2012 comes to a close, I am delighted to tell you that in just over 12 months we now have 56 Fast Track Practitioners in and around the world.  Fast Track Training’ has taken place in a number of different places and countries including Leeds England, Dubai, Chiang Mai and Bangkok Thailand and even one in Baghdad which was done over skype.


I want to thank you all for choosing to learn Fast Track thereby helping yourself and others and trust you are using it on a regular basis and not letting it gather dust in the back of your mind.  If this is the case then do make a point of taking another look at this efficient and effective system and see if it isn’t worth polishing up for 2013.


Fast Track has evolved considerably in its short life time and has become a complete healing system rather than just a modality.  We now work with Set Point and Calibrations which tell you and your clients exactly where you are at any point. Anyone wanting an updated manual only needs to ask and I’ll e-mail one to you.


I personally have worked on issues from A-Z with huge success and am still blown away with what the subconscious mind present me with.  I’ve helped people with cancer, heart problems, shoulder and neck aches, IBS,  addictions, confidence issues, money issues, fear of public speaking, weight and emotional eating,  relationship stuff as well as keeping people on the straight and narrow in these challenging times of change.  I don’t think there is anything it can’t handle and gets more powerful, informative and easier the more I use it.


Fast Track now has a jazzy new website and it would be fab if you’d take a couple of minutes and check it out www.fasttracktechnique.com  I invite you to leave a post for me or others interested In Fast Track and know it’s appreciated before it’s even written


I’ve also just created a new facebook page which is awesome and I thank Katy Bullen FTT Practitioner Number 007 for doing the majority of the work.  The link to both website and facebook are below and I’d love you to like me, like Fast Track and leave a comment to say that you do and also what success you’ve had with it!


Finally I will be creating a page on my website which will list Practitioners in your area.  If you are using FTT seriously and would like to be listed then do let me know.


Whoops! And finally, finally FTT Trainers Levels soon to be launched. If you want to be one of these then get your name down fast.


Have an awesome holiday and see you on the Fast Track in 2013



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