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At some point in your life you realize in broad term that we are all basically a result of our experiences and act accordingly, in reflection which maybe right or wrong actions and half the time and  we don’t know why. so why does this happen how do we remember and have instant instinct and recall how do emotions get fired up on seemingly trivial events.

As we are supposed to have some degree of emotional intelligence but few really have it. It. is widely acknowledged that previous events in our lives are linked and glued together with some emotion. Unfortunately most of these events are on the darker or negative side and hide somewhere in our mind body or soul.

Which is also the belief of many in different sectors of society from the religious to scientists.

So for us mere mortal who are attune to the workings of the mind and body clearing some of the negative response actions would seem to be a pathway to a more fluent and less reactive and controlled life.

My story is that I have a good friend in Malaysia that had had some traumatic events in her life that were a constant nuisance and in effect a block to her gaining freedom and happiness. I watched her transform over time to a person who looked like she had been set free from a dreadful burden, such a noticeable difference that I had to enquire .

I was thinking of myself as I had been diagnosed with lymphoma and had been doing alternate treatment for some 20 months all going well but felt that I had sort of plateaued and was stuck and not making enough progress.  So I decided to see if there were emotional issues that might be keeping me stuck.

I went to Jaz and had four intense sessions and have to say that the method that she uses is fast track compared to some of the stuff  I have  done in earlier days . although I was a little physically drained after the sessions was an indication something was actually happening on an emotional level that was using energy and effecting the physical, considering physical effort in the sessions was minimal.

I know from the way I feel that I have made progress and broken through the stuck barrier by releasing some unknown unwanted emotions  I do not think they are erased but been transformed to simple information rather than a controlling reactive emotion know or unknown.

We dealt with a few issues but in particular did some work on my immune system. Which I honestly believe had not only got me going again but given me a boost back into the healing flight path and I am still going strong  and passed another healing milestone.

I think if you have a basic understanding of how emotions hidden or otherwise can affect your life and you want to get free in an uncomplicated manner Jaz would be a great place to start to get free and learn more about the way you mind and body works  and enjoy being alive.


Tim W


January 2012

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