Testimonial – Jenny

Jade’s Yes Yes Yes Yes card… release that resistance! Jade’s experiences with the Fast Track 21 Days to Love program: 21 Days to Love, Loving and Being Loved! I started this program because I was really unhappy in my relationship and suffering from severe anxiety. I came in thinking that it would [...]
Testimonial by Amy Lou

Testimonial – Amy Lou

Testimonial by Amy Lou (from A Woman’s Words) I first met Jaz Goven around March last year, on a day when I was feeling very low. I believe I must have had a huge ”help me” sign written on my forehead that day. Jaz appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and told [...]

Testimonial – Jassica Leow

This is a letter from one of my practitioners from our Kuala Lumpur tour. Dear Jaz , I just want to say, again, I really love your work , I really love FTT. And I mean it genuinely from my heart , I am not saying it for any other reason other than how I truly [...]

Testimonial – Michael Hetherington

The Fast Track Technique is a fast and effective energy testing and correction healing system that can be applied on all levels, from the physical to the spiritual. Jaz Goven has successfully brought together a number of powerful healing modalities and has created a system that is easy to learn and easy to apply. The [...]

Testimonial – Janice Jones

Fast Track Level 1 was fabulous and Level 2 even better. As my awareness grows, more pennies are constantly dropping … I certainly feel I’m winning the Jackpot! Life is amazing. Thank you Jaz. Janice Jones Level 1 & 2 Practitioner UK & Thailand (14th March 2015)

Testimonial – Mana Nui

My name is Mana. I am a workshop junkie. I want to share something about Jaz Goven, creator of the amazing Fast Track Technique Program. She is the most patient, caring  instructor that I had the privilege to study with. She is so sensitive about each person’s issues and wants her students to get the whole process properly. [...]

Testimonial – Nikki Arthur

I really can’t recommend Fast Track Technique enough, it has had amazing effects on my life! I came across it when I was searching for EFT practitioners as I’d already tried and had positive experiences with EFT before. I chatted with Jaz who suggested I give Fast Track a try instead. Fast track is really [...]
Sue - Fast Track Level 2

Testimonial – Sue Fletcher

Sue – Fast Track Level 2   I was really lucky to have the opportunity to do level two of the Fast Track technique while here in Thailand. This has taken me to another level of expertise and shown me again that Fast Track is so right for this time in [...]

Testimonial – Beth Sellars

I always look forward with excited anticipation after a session to see just how the changes in my thought process will play out.  And it always happens within about 24 hours after our session that I’ll respond to something differently and recognize immediately that it’s a clear change in my thought process. I LOVE FAST TRACK! It has totally [...]

Fast Track Training – An

Be prepared for massive positive change!  FTT bypasses the monkey mind and works at a deeper, subconscious level. The FTT training allowed me to easily gain clarity and control over my emotions and life seems wonderfully light and bright afterwards! This is such a simple but powerful tool that everyone has the ability to access and can [...]

Fast Track Training – Louise Thomas

Jaz is a truly amazing and inspiring, caring teacher, a natural intuitive who has tapped into her higher self and consciousness to bring forth her life transforming Fast Track technique. I would highly recommend this new and exciting healing modality for anyone that wishes to heal the pain and blockages of the past and to [...]

Fast Track Training – Sue Fletcher

Fast track is so right for this time in history and I know it is going to help so many people all over the world. It is a fast immediate way of healing and removing blocks. Jaz teaches Fast Track in a fun way and it is so easy to understand. It has been a great [...]

Surrogate Healing for Daeng the dog

Surrogate Healing for Daeng the Dog – From Terrified to Cautious Daeng was a street dog who underwent horrific abuse. She was found in a garbage can having been beaten so badly that the two men who hit her with bats thought she was dead. After being rescued she was immediately taken to the vet [...]

Fast Track Working with Dogs

Jaz worked with me as the surrogate for my dog Buster whom has had a cataract operation on his eyes. His right eye was a success but he lost the sight in his left eye. This has upset not only myself with feelings of guilt but my husband as well. I had decided that I [...]

Rejuvenation Colette Garside

Since being introduced to Fast Track my life has been changing but my body shape and weight have just stayed the same. I do not binge on food and I am very aware of what I eat, however I do hate exercise. I then joined the Fast Track Rejuvenation program and I have been a [...]