Level 3

Level 3 Professional Fast Track Practitioner

A One Day Certified Training


What we will do on Level 3

This is a one day training which focuses on:

Fine tuning all aspects of your technique

Building your confidence as a practitioner

Demonstrating and practicing ‘rapport’ with a client

Working with fears around charging money for session

New Cards & Activations

At this level you will be presented with 5 brand new cards to add to your original 16 and will take you and others deeper into certain areas that may be considered ‘out of the box’ and takes a certain level of expertise to hold the energy and space around these issues.

Learn about each new card, what it represents and the possibilities it offers. A special activation is received or downloaded with each card and deep healing received by the practitioner.

Practice how to work on yourself and others using your new Level 2 Cards

Questions and answers around your knowledge of The Fast Track Technique System. A thorough knowledge of your Fast Track manuals is recommended

To gain confidence as a practitioner you will be required to give a short demonstration on one of the following:

Practitioner Demonstration – one on one

Practitioner Demonstration – Surrogate

Practitioner Demonstration – Proxy

Practitioner Demonstration – Reprogramming – Desired Outcome


Recommended Fast Track Practitioner

On completion of Level 3 you are a certified practitioner and are encouraged to take your skill and work on paying clients. However, if you choose to apply to be a Fast Track Recommended Practitioner and be listed on the official Fast Track website, you will be required to fulfill certain requirements and support Fast Track Policy.

Currently, requirements to become a Fast Track Recommended Practitioner involve submitting written case studies as follows:

2 x Proxy                      2 x Surrogate                          2 x One on One

2 x Animal                   2 x Physical Issue

1 x full session either observed by a Fast Track Trainer or conducted on a Fast Track Trainer of our choice.

The purpose of the case studies is to show proficiency with the system, not to judge the outcome.

The case studies should be conducted on different people and animals.

More information is available on request from Jaz Goven.

Becoming a Fast Track Technique Level 1 Trainer

A One Day Certified Training

Having achieved certification for Level 1-3 and fulfilled the requirements to become a Recommended Fast Track Practitioner you may apply or be invited to become a Fast Track Trainer. Your involvement within the Fast Track family will already indicate your level of experience, ability and integrity to fulfill the requirements of becoming a Fast Track Level 1 Trainer. Once accepted you will be given the opportunity to assist another Trainer in a Level 1 Personal Transformation One Day Training. Your performance will be assessed by The Trainer of the day and the outcome presented to you at a later date.

Contact Jaz Goven for more information about these new positions and possibilities.