How to become a Fast Track Practitioner and Trainer

Fast Track Technique

– a one day certified training

WHAT IS FAST TRACK TECHNIQUE?   Fast Track Technique is a complete, powerful and intelligent healing system for self investigation, self realization and transformation

Fast Track Technique is the culmination of years of training and exploration, expertise and experience in holistic wellbeing practices. The result is a unique system which combines the most efficient modes of therapy to provide direct, immediate and permanent positive change.

The Fast Track System teaches you how to access both your higher conscious and subconscious minds using muscle testing and gain information through specially developed Transformation Cards. These cards facilitate conversation between the consciousness’ pin pointing specific events and times in your life when shock, trauma or negativity were experienced or downloaded.

FAST TRACK TECHNIQUE can be used to help with any situation; mental, emotional and physical; weight issues, financial, abundance, connection to source, lack of confidence and /or direction, addictions, aches and pains, migraines, insomnia and is equally effective for babies, children, pets and animals.

A Fast Track Certified Training involves:Understanding what Fast Track Transformation is and how it can help you.

How to access your subconscious mind using muscle testing.

Understand and make friends with your Fast Track Technique Transformation Cards

How to determine what is creating your problem or issue.

How to conduct a Fast Track session on yourself using the Fast Track Technique System

How to release blockages safely, immediately and permanently.

How to re-programme your subconscious mind with what you consciously want and deserve.

All participants receive a certificate of completion at the end of this training.

Find out more about the training levels here:

Level 1 Personal Transformation

Level 2

Level 3 Professional Fast Track Practitioner