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21 DAYS to Love, Loving and Being Loved

There are no shortcuts to Love.

If I want a loving relationship in my life, it has to start with me – and how I love myself.

Love is an ‘inside job’ and Fast Track is a Grand Master as discovering limiting beliefs, programs and responses that are trapped and in the way of you being, doing and achieving what you want.

Looking for love on the outside without loving yourself is merely filling a hole – an empty space. Fill that with love for yourself first and you are BANG on track to attract that back .


Greetings Jaz and all you Love Seekers!! I enjoyed the 21 days to love tremendously! Doing this for 21 consecutive days is a good discipline and really shakes up the old pot. Too many eye openers to list, but my focus is clearly on how I value Love, Loving and Being Loved. This is higher and cleaner than ever before. Willingness to release old beliefs, karmic entanglements, cellular shocks and traumas, gives me a new perspective on this present moment!!

Can I release it all? Yes.

Do I believe I’ve had a great shift? Yes.

Do I expect change? Yes.

Am I ready for the next journey with money? YES!

Jaz, you’ve been giving and sharing your wealth of experience for quite some time and I am grateful for our friendship, grateful to have been part of this and excited to see what comes up next!! You’re Awesome BABY!!

Grazia Mille


⎯ Rick


Next 21 Days to Love Program: April 2016 date to be advised


Move into a highest vibration of infinite, limitless and abundant.

This is the online workshop that you have been waiting for. It’s all about money plus a whole heap of wealth, prosperity and abundance. So no matter where you are in the world or what time you get up or go to bed, you can join me every day and change your relationship with Money.

We are moving away from the old way of ‘doing’ money – working hard, saving, making ends meet, and shifting into the highest vibration of infinite, limitless abundance. When you sign up for this incredible program, it’s not only you that goes into the Fast Track Financial Pyramid it is your business, your dreams and your potential.


This is totally left field but a New Zealand movie crew wanted to pay us exactly three thousand dollars to use our horse for their film! She was just about to retire. It’s funny as that is the exact amount her stabling fees cost. Also, I lost my credit card which was ironic, because one of my Desired Outcomes was to spend less.

⎯ Kerry, practicing Fast Track since January 2015

I have had three new admissions in my clinic. Also, I won two thousand dollars in the lottery!

⎯ Jared, practicing Fast Track since August 2015


Next Infinite Money Program: March date to be advised


Wealth Abundance Money & You

Our focus in WAMY is to move away from the old ways of ‘doing’ money such as working hard, saving, making ends meet and all other poverty based programs into a new vibration of Wealth, Abundance, Money for You and the Collective Conscious where you can “have it all NOW”.

Fast Track Technique is powerful, fast and accurate; getting to the root cause no matter what and goes beyond this lifetime and this reality. No matter what it is you want to achieve around money and finances Fast Track Technique can help you get there faster…

You can have it all…Now!


Finishing the last program as I finally found time to sit quietly. It has been so much shifts and transformations. My outcomes haven’t are getting close to the goals dramatically. I am amazed and sometimes overwhelming to be experiencing the changes, and I am aligned to my true path more than ever. so much gratitude to Jaz and all of you. I want to take the next program! I am ready for Physical Money … I also realized that I’m closer than I ever dreamed to my (very outrageous) OD#2 – wow! I’m blown away, and look forward to truly acknowledging my growth with your recordings. (and look forward to your next program!) Happy holidays.


⎯  Susan


Next WAMY course: APRIL/MAY dates to be advised

FTT Physical Money - Bringing it Home!

Physical Money – Bringing it Home

In Infinite Endless Money we saw a huge shift in our relationships with money, wealth and abundance. We changed our perceptions around how money works for us. WAMY, took us to a whole new level, shifting the collective consciousness of the entire planet around Wealth, Abundance, Money and You. Now it’s time to bring it ‘home’ to ourselves. It is time to collect the Physical Money Now!

By the end of the program we will be in a perfect place to receive your desired outcomes and be wealthy, abundant and prosperous individuals.

Let the cash roll in… NOW!

And It works!!

I will let the people who did the last Infinite Money programs speak for themselves:

It Works. Seriously. The amount of work given by my clients has increased 300% and I have been barely able to catch up, with new long-term perspectives on the horizon.

⎯  Isao Kato on 20th November 2015


I can feel a higher understanding of the concept of sharing physical money and the pleasure from this practice infusing into my cells. I’m looking forward to the full connection with this joyful resonance, as I’m offered more and more opportunities to practice it.

⎯ Maya Michelle on 15th November 2015.

Next Physical Money Program: May 2016 date to be advised