Fast Track Rejuvenation

“We age not by years but by events and our emotional reaction to those events”

 Dr. Maxwell Maltz

images (2) Imagine:

  • Looking more youthful and radiant
  • Increased energy levels and stamina
  • Changing your posture, shape and even your weight
  • Balancing your hormones and increasing your immune system
  • Decreasing your physical pain
  • Feeling inspired to exercise and make healthy food choices

Fast Track Rejuvenation can accomplish that and more…..

Working with your sub-conscious mind Fast Track Technique’s new Rejuvenation Program locates those times and events in your life that “aged” you. It changes belief systems around age and aging and replaces them with new youthful beliefs, allowing you to take control of your own aging process, change it and maintain it.

The results are extraordinary and will “blow your mind”

People on this programme are looking, acting, and feeling years younger than their actual age, since Fast Track works from the inside out on all levels and they are loving it!

Experience a new younger, healthier you in 4 – 6 weeks. You’ll be delighted you did

Fast Track Rejuvenation works in groups, private individual sessions and skype.

A few comments so far

SeeFoon: “Friends keep asking if I’ve done something to myself (as in cosmetic surgery) and my energy levels have shot through the roof. I haven’t felt this energetic since my 40’s” SeeFoon Age 69.

Rj: “The Rejuvenation Program has definitely seen much change noth physically and emotionally. I can see y body shape has improved and getting back to how I used to look. Today I wore a pair of heans that have been too small for me for about a year.

I have also noticed a change in my energy and how people perceive me. People are striking up conversations with me. I’m likening the new me”

Elise: “After only 10 days I feel invigorated and had flattering comments about how I look. I’m sure there is more to say down the line.”

Maytawee: “For me the substantial shift has been my energy and how I respond to my world. I feel more youthful and playful”.

Maytawee (2 weeks later) By the way I lost pounds and I am now …..lbs. YES YES YES I have not been this since I was a

Jaz: “My skin feels and looks amazing, especially across my upper chest where it had aged and gone quite wrinkly. One friend said it looks like it’s been ironed/” I’m thrilled.

Jaya:” I can honestly say that the rejuvenation program has taken me back to the age of 17 and I had to heal a lot of forgotten events in my life. Without going through this, it was impossible to move to the level of healing I so desired. I have seen improvements physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Physically– Achieving a higher level of fitness- toned upper body/ looking more youthful/ feeling great!

Emotionally– Valuing myself as a woman in all aspects of my life. Knowing and accepting without a doubt….. That I am worthy!!

Spiritually– Very deep connection within!! Receiving tremendous inner guidance

FTT has certainly escalated my growth in phenomenal ways!!”

Marn: ‘Jaz Goven’s rejuvenation program has shifted self destructive tendencies to absolute self care within me. I started caring about what I eat, what I said to myself and my overall awareness of mind and body connection improved. My digestion problems disappeared and with that, my immune system improved greatly. This has given me more energy, wellness all round n positivity in my life in just 4 weeks! It was definitely more than a physical rejuvenation. Thank you Jaz!’


Rejuvenation is an inside job…